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Compartmentalization of TNF receptor 1 signaling: internalized TNF receptosomes as death signaling vesicles.
It is demonstrated that within minutes internalized TNF-R1 (TNF receptosomes) recruits TRADD, FADD, and caspase-8 to establish the "death-inducing signaling complex" (DISC) and identified the TNF -R1 internalization domain (TRID) required for receptor endocytosis. Expand
Expression and function of Toll-like receptors in T lymphocytes.
  • D. Kabelitz
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Current opinion in immunology
  • 1 February 2007
The direct responsiveness of T lymphocytes to TLR ligands offers new perspectives for the immunotherapeutic manipulation of T cell responses. Expand
Foxp3 expression in pancreatic carcinoma cells as a novel mechanism of immune evasion in cancer.
The findings indicate that pancreatic carcinoma cells share growth-suppressive effects with Treg and suggest that mimicking Treg function may represent a new mechanism of immune evasion in pancreatic cancer. Expand
Genome-wide association study identifies a psoriasis susceptibility locus at TRAF3IP2
A genome-wide association analysis of 2,339,118 SNPs in 472 PsV cases and 1,146 controls from Germany suggests that TRAF3IP2 represents a shared susceptibility for PsV and PsA. Expand
Activation-induced cell death (apoptosis) of mature peripheral T lymphocytes.
The recently accumulating evidence that apoptosis can also be initiated in mature peripheral T cells; this may constitute an important aspect of cellular immune regulation. Expand
Mouse T-cell receptor variable gene segment families
All mouse T-cell receptor α/δ, β, and γ variable (Tcra/d, b-, and g-V) gene segments were aligned to compare the sequences with one another, to group them into subfamilies, and to derive a name whichExpand
Polymorphisms of the IL12B and IL23R genes are associated with psoriasis.
Associations between IL12B and IL23R and psoriasis in Caucasians are confirmed, and the genetic basis for the clinical association between Psoriasis and Crohn's disease is provided. Expand
Human T-cell receptor variable gene segment families
The traditional numbering of V gene segments in the order of their discovery was continued and changed when in conflict with names of other segments, and the number of more than 150 different TCRBV sequences in the database was reduced to a repertoire of only 47 functional T CRBV gene segments. Expand
Tumor‐associated macrophages exhibit pro‐ and anti‐inflammatory properties by which they impact on pancreatic tumorigenesis
Overall, these data demonstrate that TAMs exhibit anti‐ as well as proinflammatory properties that equally contribute to EMT induction in PDAC initiation and development. Expand
Cutting Edge: Immunological Consequences and Trafficking of Human Regulatory Macrophages Administered to Renal Transplant Recipients
Regulatory macrophages warrant further study as a potential immune-conditioning therapy for use in solid-organ transplantation, and are being used to inform the design of The ONE Study, a multinational clinical trial of immunomodulatory cell therapy in renal transplantation. Expand