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bareback sex, bug chasers, and the gift of death
This research examines barebacking, or unprotected sex. Specifically, we analyze one form of barebacking, known as bug chasing, in which HIV-negative gay men seek to become infected with the deadlyExpand
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This study examines variance in the sex ratio of intimate killing (SROK) across U.S. cities. The research primarily focuses on the influence that varying degrees of gendered economic equality have onExpand
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gendered pathways into and experiences within crack cultures outside of the inner city
This study examines the life histories of male and female crack addicts outside of the inner city context, focusing on gendered variation in experiences related to childhood background, pathways intoExpand
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professional lapses: occupational deviance and neutralization techniques in veterinary medical practice
This study explores the techniques veterinarians use to neutralize ethically legally problematic lapses in the performance of their professional duties. Data were collected during a five-year periodExpand
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Dogfighting: Symbolic Expression and Validation of Masculinity
This study examines the issue of masculinity indogfighting. Dogfighting is an illegal gaming sportcentered in the Southern United States. The data for thisstudy were obtained via ethnographicExpand
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Families of offshore oil workers: Adaptations to cyclical father absence/presence
In this article, we examine the familial structures that develop among offshore oil‐worker families. Data were collected from interviews with 147 families. Results indicate six permanent familialExpand
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buckle bunnies: groupies of the rodeo circuit
This article is a descriptive analysis of female groupies who follow rodeo cowboys. Cowboys call these women buckle bunnies. Data were obtained from interviews with rodeo cowboys, wives of rodeoExpand
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a sociological analysis of maternal infanticide in the united states, 1984-1996
This study investigates structural predictors of maternal infanticide at the macro level. Our findings lend support to the economic stress hypothesis, which predicts increased maternal aggression andExpand
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tranny boyz: cyber community support in negotiating sex and gender mobility among female to male transsexuals
Female-to-male transsexuals (FTMs) are aware that manhood is a test that is separate from simple anatomical maleness. Failure to pass the test carries a penalty of exclusion from the desired rank asExpand
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