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The Social Sources of Educational Credentialism: Status Cultures, Labor Markets, and Organizations.
The expansion of access to higher education and the proliferation of formal degree requirements for entry to employment have been enduring trends over the past century. This article reviews theExpand
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MD-TASK: a software suite for analyzing molecular dynamics trajectories
We present MD‐TASK, a novel software suite that employs graph theory techniques, perturbation response scanning, and dynamic cross‐correlation to provide unique ways for analyzing MD trajectories. Expand
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SANCDB: a South African natural compound database
We present a South African natural compound database, named SANCDB, which contains compound information for 600 natural products extracted directly from journal articles, book chapters and theses. Expand
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Structure-Based Analysis of Single Nucleotide Variants in the Renin-Angiotensinogen Complex.
BACKGROUND The renin-angiotensin system (RAS) plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and controlling sodium levels in the blood. Hyperactivity of this system has been linked to numerousExpand
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JMS: An Open Source Workflow Management System and Web-Based Cluster Front-End for High Performance Computing
We have developed the Job Management System (JMS), a workflow management system and web interface for high performance computing (HPC). Expand
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Warrior to Dreadnought: Warship Development 1860-1905
The period 1860 to 1905 was one of remarkable technical development in ship design, and this book brings the knowledge and experience of a long career as a naval constructor to the story of theExpand
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Goffman's dramaturgical sociology: Developing a meaningful theoretical context and exercise involving embarrassment and social organization
The incorporation of new figures to the canon of sociological theory creates unique challenges for the teaching of sociology. We need to rethink the intellectual context of such writers'Expand
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An overture for the sociology of credentialing: Empirical, theoretical, and moral considerations
Abstract There are a variety of relatively new, and some old and persisting, empirical issues confronting scholars of credentialing. Success in understanding these matters will be aided by greaterExpand
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