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Optimization of feedrate in a face milling operation using a surface roughness model
Optimization of feedrate is valuable in terms of providing high precision and efficient machining. The surface roughness is particularly sensitive to the feedrate and the runout errors of the insertsExpand
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A dynamic surface roughness model for face milling
Abstract This paper presents a newly developed mathematical model for surface roughness prediction in a face-milling operation. The model considers the static and the dynamic components of theExpand
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Chipping minimization in drilling ceramic materials with rotary ultrasonic machining
Ultrasonic machining (USM) has been considered as a new cutting technology that does not rely on the conductance of the workpiece. USM presents no heating or electrochemical effects, with low surfaceExpand
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Real time monitoring of tool breakage in a milling operation using a digital signal processor
Abstract A monitoring system that can detect tool breakage and chipping in real time was developed using a digital signal processor (DSP) board in a face milling operation. An autoregressive (AR)Expand
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Fretting behavior of a rubber coating: Effect of temperature and surface roughness variations
This paper presents fretting behavior of a rubber coating undergoing fretting-like, oscillatory motion. Friction and wear of the rubber coating on stainless steel as a function of bulk temperatureExpand
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Enhancement of surface quality in ultrasonic machining of glass using a sacrificing coating
Abstract We present a new fabrication method that enables precision hole machining to be achieved by sacrificing the coating on the substrate in ultrasonic machining (USM). A hard wax coating isExpand
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Feedrate scheduling for free-form surface using an NC verification model
This paper describes feedrate scheduling for a free-form surface using an NC verification model that can describe the actual cutting motions. This is important from the viewpoint of verification ofExpand
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Precision NURBS interpolator based on recursive characteristics of NURBS
In NURBS interpolation, real-time parameter update is an indispensable step which affects not only feedrate fluctuation but also contour error. Using Taylor approximation interpolation method to findExpand
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A thermodynamic approach for predicting fretting fatigue life
This paper extends the application of the theory of continuum damage mechanics (CDM) to predict the occurrence of fretting fatigue failure. It is concerned with the application of thermodynamicExpand
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Friction and wear of a rubber coating in fretting
The friction characteristic of a rubber coating undergoing fretting-like oscillatory motion against a steel slider is experimentally investigated. The variation of friction coefficient and rubberExpand
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