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The snakes of Ghana: myth, science and reality
Snakes have been symbols of fear and hostility to most human societies throughout the ages, largely due to their perceived deceit of Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the biblical Garden ofExpand
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Taxonomic report on small mammals from two coastal wetland (Ramsar) sites in Ghana
Surveys of the small mammal populations of two coastal wetlands in Ghana, Muni-Pomadze (Central Region) and Keta (Volta Region), were undertaken over a 1-month period as part of an assessment of theExpand
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An evaluation of the efficacy of indocid (indometacin) for the control of some laboratory and wild rodents
Rodentsare well-known pests of stored and cultivated agricultural products. Their control is of great concern to human societies worldwide. Different rodenticides exist but most of these pose varyingExpand
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The secondary impact of mining on primates and other medium to large mammals in forest reserves in southwestern Ghana
Abstract The upsurge of mining in Africa promises substantial economic development opportunities, but poses serious threats to the continent’s natural environment and rich biodiversity. We assessedExpand
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Assessment and comparison of current rodent control techniques towards the protection of young oil palms ( Elaies guineensis ) in the field
A field study was conducted in the Eastern region of Ghana to assess and compare five methods for the protection of young oil palms (Elaies guineensis) against rodent pests. The rodents attack theExpand
Preliminary biodiversity assessment (herpetofauna and mammals) of a coastal wetland in the Volta Region, Ghana
Herpetofaunal and mammal species were surveyed in four contrasting habitats (grassland/thicket, agricultural/urban, freshwater ponds/ditches, and brackish lagoon) in a coastal wetland and lagoonExpand
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