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Calcium Phosphate Phase Identification Using XPS and Time-of-Flight Cluster SIMS.
The PO(3)(-)/PO(2)(-) ratios from ToF-SSIMS spectra in conjunction with XPS of the CP powders showed much promise in differentiating between these phases at microscopic CP coverages on the metal oxide surface.
Detection of explosives on skin using ambient ionization mass spectrometry.
Single nanogram amounts of the explosives TNT, RDX, HMX, PETN and their mixtures were detected and identified in a few seconds on the surface of human skin without any sample preparation by
Fabric analysis by ambient mass spectrometry for explosives and drugs.
Desorption electrospray ionization was used to examine cotton transfer swabs used for travel security sample collection in the screening process and high throughput quantitative analysis of fabric surfaces for targeted analytes is reported.
Implementation of DART and DESI ionization on a fieldable mass spectrometer
Theoretical and experimental consideration of the reactions between VxOy+ and ethylene.
Investigation of reactions involving gas-phase cationic vanadium oxide clusters with small hydrocarbons is suitable for the identification of reactive centers responsible for selectivity in heterogeneous catalysis.
Reactions of Vanadium and Niobium Oxides with Methanol
As part of an ongoing study in our laboratory to elucidate the reactivities of the group V metal oxide clusters, reactions between vanadium and niobium oxide cations and methanol were conducted using
Solid-Liquid Adsorption of Calcium Phosphate on TiO2
Calcium phosphate (CP) in aqueous solution was exposed to thin-film TiO2 surfaces at predetermined times ranging from 10 min to 20 h using a liquid reaction apparatus (LRA). Surface analysis was th...
Field-portable Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) Unit for Semi-volatile Compound Analysis in Groundwater
Abstract : This effort demonstrated the use of field-portable instrumentation for the quantification of munitions constituents in groundwater, without the need to ship water samples to a fixed
Studies of Metal Oxide Clusters: Elucidating Reactive Sites Responsible for the Activity of Transition Metal Oxide Catalysts
Transition metal oxides are widely used as both catalysts and catalytic supports in industrial processes. However, the mechanisms by which these materials function as catalysts and the
Proton affinities of N-heterocyclic carbene super bases.
Experimental results show that two other N-heterocyclic carbenes with larger substituents have even higher proton affinities, making the carbene one of the strongest bases reported thus far.