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Graphs, Networks, and Algorithms
This book presents a meta-analsis of the network simplex algorithm and a section on the five color theorem, which states that the color theorem can be rewritten as a graph representation of a network. Expand
Perfect and Almost Perfect Sequences
This paper focuses on the existence problem for perfect and almost perfect binary periodic sequences; such sequences are actually equivalent to certain cyclic difference sets and cyclic divisible difference sets, respectively, structures which have been studied in Design Theory for a long time. Expand
Finite fields : structure and arithmetics
Finite Geometries
Strongly Regular Semi-Cayley Graphs
We consider strongly regular graphs Γ = (V, E) on an even number, say 2n, of vertices which admit an automorphism group G of order n which has two orbits on V. Such graphs will be called stronglyExpand
Difference Sets: An Introduction
We give an introductury treatment of the theory of difference sets focusing on the abelian case. This is meant to facilitate understanding of some other articles in this volume which will provide aExpand
Efficient algorithms for the clearing of interbank payments
The BCP as it occurs in Germany's largest interbank payment system is discussed, and several simple but surprisingly efficient heuristic algorithms are presented that are analyzed by a simulation approach. Expand