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Experience, Pedagogy, and the Study of Terrestrial Magnetism
In 1842, British astronomer Sir John Herschel wrote a letter to Carl Friedrich Gauss seeking his advice about how to make data collection more efficient on the Magnetic Crusade, a large-scaleExpand
The Zodiac of Paris: How an Improbable Controversy over an Ancient Egyptian Artifact Provoked a Modern Debate between Religion and Science
Introduction 1 Chapter 1: All This for Two Stones? 9 Chapter 2: Antiquity Imagined 28 Chapter 3: The Origin of All Religions 47 Chapter 4: On Napoleon's Expedition 70 Chapter 5: One Drawing, ManyExpand
Histories of Discovery
This essay reviews three books—Histories of the Electron: The Birth of Microphysics, Flash of the Cathode Rays: A History of J. J. Thomson’s Electron, and The Science of Energy: A Cultural History ofExpand
The Riddle of the Rosetta: How an English Polymath and a French Polyglot Discovered the Meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
In 1799, a French Army officer was rebuilding the defenses of a fort on the banks of the Nile when he discovered an ancient stele fragment bearing a decree inscribed in three different scripts. SoExpand