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Effect of management practices and cropping systems on earthworm abundance and microbial activity in Sanborn Field: a 115-year-old agricultural field
Abstract Sanborn Field, an agricultural demonstration field at the University of Missouri-Columbia, has over 100 years of cropping histories and management practices implemented at this site. WeExpand
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Farm characteristics in Slovene wolf habitat related to attacks on sheep
a b s t r a c t We aimed to characterize differences between sheep farms in wolf habitat in Slovenia that either suffered from wolf attacks (n = 30) or not (n = 30) during the pasture seasonsExpand
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The effects of forest practices on earthworm populations and soil microbial biomass in a hardwood forest in Missouri
Physical changes caused by forest management practices can have a dramatic effect on the soil biota in a forest ecosystem. The effects of soil compaction associated with harvesting on earthwormExpand
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Straw or hay as environmental improvement and its effect on behaviour and production traits of fattening pigs
Fattening pigs are commonly kept in intensive housing systems with slatted floor which represent a very barren environment, causing poor animal welfare. To improve such conditions a small amount ofExpand
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Application of gnawing sticks in rabbit housing.
Four experiments are described relating to gnawing sticks application in rabbit housing. In experiment 1 and 2, Pannon White rabbits, weaned at the age of five weeks, were placed into pens with wireExpand
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Effects of Olive Leaf and Marigold Extracts on the Utilization of Nutrients and on Bone Mineralization using Two Different Oil Sources in Broilers
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of olive leaf and marigold extracts on the apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of the principal nutrients and energy, as well as on mineralExpand
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Wooden sticks as environmental enrichment: effect on fattening and carcass traits of individually housed growing rabbits
The aim of our study was to examine the influence of wooden sticks for gnawing as environmental enrichment on fattening, carcass and meat quality traits of growing rabbits. Forty-eight rabbits ofExpand
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