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Applicant attraction to organizations and job choice: a meta-analytic review of the correlates of recruiting outcomes.
Attracting high-performing applicants is a critical component of personnel selection and overall organizational success. In this study, the authors meta-analyzed 667 coefficients from 71 studiesExpand
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The effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on 1-h cycle time trial performance.
PURPOSE AND METHOD To investigate the possible role of carbohydrate (CHO) receptors in the mouth in influencing exercise performance, seven male and two female endurance cyclists (VO(2max) 63.2 +/-Expand
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Fatigue of long duration in human skeletal muscle after exercise.
1. After severe muscular contraction in man recovery of force is largely complete in a few minutes, but is not wholly so for many hours. The long‐lasting element of fatigue is found to occurExpand
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The acute effect of stretching on the passive stiffness of the human gastrocnemius muscle tendon unit
Passive stretching is commonly used to increase limb range of movement prior to athletic performance but it is unclear which component of the muscle–tendon unit (MTU) is affected by this procedure.Expand
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Repeated high-force eccentric exercise: effects on muscle pain and damage.
Five women and three men (aged 24-43 yr) performed maximal eccentric contractions of the elbow flexors (for 20 min) on three occasions, spaced 2 wk apart. Muscle pain, strength and contractileExpand
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Inspiratory muscle training improves rowing performance.
PURPOSE To investigate the effects of a period of resistive inspiratory muscle training (IMT) upon rowing performance. METHODS Performance was appraised in 14 female competitive rowers at theExpand
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High-and low-frequency fatigue revisited.
  • D. Jones
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Acta physiologica Scandinavica
  • 1 March 1996
Changes in excitation-contraction coupling have long been recognized as possible causes of the failure in function which occurs in fatigued muscle. High-frequency fatigue is characterized by anExpand
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Experimental human muscle damage: morphological changes in relation to other indices of damage.
The effects of eccentric exercise have been examined in human calf and biceps muscles. Release of muscle creatine kinase and uptake of technetium pyrophosphate have been followed for up to 20 daysExpand
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Effects of inspiratory muscle training on time-trial performance in trained cyclists
We evaluated the effects of specific inspiratory muscle training on simulated time-trial performance in trained cyclists. Using a double-blind, placebo-controlled design, 16 male cyclists (VO 2max =Expand
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The effect of glucose infusion on glucose kinetics during a 1-h time trial.
PURPOSE AND METHODS To investigate the effect of glucose infusion on glucose kinetics and performance, six endurance cyclists (VO2max = 61.7 +/- 2.0 (mean +/- SE) mL x kg(-1) x min(-1)) completed twoExpand
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