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Adapting to Climate Change: Social-Ecological Resilience in a Canadian Western Arctic Community
Human adaptation remains an insufficiently studied part of the subject of climate change. This paper examines the questions of adaptation and change in terms of social-ecological resilience usingExpand
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The Earth Is Faster Now: Indigenous Observations of Arctic Environmental Change. Frontiers in Polar Social Science.
The Earth is faster now is a collection of ten papers describing contemporary efforts to document indigenous knowledge of environmental change in the Arctic. It reviews major individual studies onExpand
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Arctic tundra and Polar Desert Ecosystems
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Biodiversity, Distributions and Adaptations of Arctic Species in the Context of Environmental Change
Abstract The individual of a species is the basic unit which responds to climate and UV-B changes, and it responds over a wide range of time scales. The diversity of animal, plant and microbialExpand
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Responses to Projected Changes in Climate and UV-B at the Species Level
Abstract Environmental manipulation experiments showed that species respond individualistically to each environmental-change variable. The greatest responses of plants were generally to nutrient,Expand
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Effects on the Function of Arctic Ecosystems in the Short- and Long-term Perspectives
Abstract Historically, the function of Arctic ecosystems in terms of cycles of nutrients and carbon has led to low levels of primary production and exchanges of energy, water and greenhouse gasesExpand
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Effects on the Structure of Arctic Ecosystems in the Short- and Long-term Perspectives
Abstract Species individualistic responses to warming and increased UV-B radiation are moderated by the responses of neighbors within communities, and trophic interactions within ecosystems. All ofExpand
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Effects of Changes in Climate on Landscape and Regional Processes, and Feedbacks to the Climate System
Abstract Biological and physical processes in the Arctic system operate at various temporal and spatial scales to impact large-scale feedbacks and interactions with the earth system. There are fourExpand
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Climate Change and Sea Ice: Local Observations from the Canadian Western Arctic
Can local observations and indigenous knowledge be used to provide information that complements research on climate change? Using participatory research methodology and semi-directed interviews, weExpand
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Past changes in Arctic terrestrial ecosystems, climate and UV radiation.
At the last glacial maximum, vast ice sheets covered many continental areas. The beds of some shallow seas were exposed thereby connecting previously separated landmasses. Although some areas wereExpand
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