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Increasing Rates of School Completion - Moving From Policy and Research to Practice (NCSET Essential Tools)
A manual describing for educators, administrators and policymakers 11 proven interventions for increasing school completion among youth with disabilities. The interventions selected are only thoseExpand
I don't think general practice should be the front line: Experiences of general practitioners working with refugees in South Australia
GPs in this study were under-resourced, at both an individual GP level as well as a structural level, to provide effective initial care for refugees. Expand
Students with Disabilities Who Drop Out of School: Implications for Policy and Practice. Issue Brief: Examining Current Challenges in Secondary Education and Transition.
Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Implications for Transition Personnel October 2005 This Essential Tool summarizes current research on transition issues and Culturally and Linguistically DiverseExpand
HADStress: A Somatic Symptom Screen for Posttraumatic Stress Among Somali Refugees
A score of 2 or higher on the HADStress scale among refugees warrants additional evaluation for posttraumatic stress symptoms in clinical settings, and a cutoff score of 4 may be more practical and cost-effective. Expand
Revised: Current challenges facing the future of secondary education and transition services for youth with disabilities in the United States
This paper is intended to promote discussion among professionals, policymakers, employers, parents, and individuals with disabilities concerning current and future challenges facing secondaryExpand
Issues influencing the future of transition programs and services in the United States
This article presents a brief historical review of school reform movements from 1982 to present and an in-depth analysis of the most recent reform initiatives (standards movement, high stakesExpand
Revisiting Graduation Requirements and Diploma Options for Youth with Disabilities: A National Study. Technical Report 49.
This national study was designed to describe current variations across states in high school exit exam practices and the use of alternative diploma/credentialing options and the intended and unintended consequences of using single or multiple diploma options for students with disabilities. Expand
Essentials of Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy
IN THIS SECTION: 1.) BRIEF 2.) COMPREHENSIVE BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction: Politics, Rationalism, and Social Welfare Policy Chapter 1: Politics and the Policymaking Process Chapter 2:Expand