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The Insignificance of Statistical Significance Testing
Despite their wide use in scientific journals such as The Journal of Wildlife Management, statistical hypothesis tests add very little value to the products of research. Indeed, they frequentlyExpand
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Estimating Nest Success: The Mayfield Method and an Alternative
-Mayfield's method for calculating the success of a group of nests is examined in detail. The standard error of his estimator is developed. Mayfield's assumption that destroyed nests are at riskExpand
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Factors associated with duck nest success in the prairie pothole region of Canada
Populations of some dabbling ducks have declined sharply in recent decades and information is needed to understand reasons for this. During 1982-85, we studied duck nesting for 1-4 years in 17 1.6 byExpand
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In Defense of Indices: The Case of Bird Surveys
Abstract Indices to population size have come under increasing criticism in recent years, on the grounds that indices might not faithfully represent the entire population. Most criticisms involveExpand
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Ecology and Management of Breeding Waterfowl
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Recent advances in understanding migration systems of New World land birds
Our understanding of migratory birds' year-round ecology and evolution remains patchy despite recent fundamental advances. Periodic reviews focus future research and inform conservation andExpand
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Cerebrospinal fluid pressure is decreased in primary open-angle glaucoma.
PURPOSE To compare cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pressure in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) with that in nonglaucomatous patients. DESIGN Case-control study. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-oneExpand
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Abstract Area requirements of grassland birds have not been studied except in tallgrass prairie. We studied the relation between both species-occurrence and density and patch size by conducting 699Expand
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Conserving migratory land birds in the new world: do we know enough?
Migratory bird needs must be met during four phases of the year: breeding season, fall migration, wintering, and spring migration; thus, management may be needed during all four phases. The bulk ofExpand
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