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Investigation of Oscillatoria spongeliae-Dominated Bacterial Communities in Four Dictyoceratid Sponges
The results demonstrate that O. spongeliae-dominated bacterial communities in different sponge species can vary considerably and increase the understanding of the bacterial communities found in marine invertebrates. Expand
Investigation of the role of diterpenes produced by marine pulmonatesTrimusculus reticulatus andT. conica
The intertidal pulmonate limpet Trimusculus reticulatus and its mucus was toxic to veliger larvae of the sabellariid reef-building tube wormPhragmatopoma californica, and the major diterpenoid1 was responsible for the observed larvicidal activity. Expand
Investigations of the marine flora and fauna of the Islands of Palau.
This review covers the structures and biological activities of the multitudinous marine-derived natural products isolated from the marine flora and fauna of this nation and demonstrates the enormous variety of novel structures elaborated by these organisms. Expand