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Global review and synthesis of trends in observed terrestrial near-surface wind speeds; implications for evaporation
Summary In a globally warming climate, observed rates of atmospheric evaporative demand have declined over recent decades. Several recent studies have shown that declining rates of evaporative demandExpand
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Trends in reference crop evapotranspiration over Iran
Summary This study examined the trends in reference crop evapotranspiration (ET0) on monthly and annual time scales in Iran. ET0 was estimated using the globally accepted Food and AgricultureExpand
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Trends in temperature, diurnal temperature range and sunshine duration in Northeast India
Trends in maximum (Tmax), minimum (Tmin) and mean (Tmean) temperatures; diurnal temperature range (DTR = Tmax − Tmin); and sunshine duration at eight sites in Northeast (NE) India were investigated.Expand
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Temporal characteristics of pan evaporation trends under the humid conditions of northeast India
This paper analyses the temporal characteristics of pan evaporation (Epan) trends by using Mann–Kendall non parametric test and a parametric test under the humid conditions for eleven sites ofExpand
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Trend analysis of groundwater using non-parametric methods (case study: Ardabil plain)
In the present study, the trends in groundwater level and fifteen hydro-geochemical elements at 32 piezometric stations located in the Ardabil plain of the northwest of Iran were analyzed using theExpand
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Effect of Short-Term and Long-Term Persistence on Identification of Temporal Trends
In this study, the trends in precipitation in the northwest (NW) of Iran were identified using the four different versions of the Mann-Kendall method, i.e., the conventional Mann-Kendall methodExpand
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Trends in temperature over Godavari River basin in Southern Peninsular India
There is little dispute that global surface air temperature has increased and the anthropogenic-induced global warming is likely to play an important role in the management of water resources of aExpand
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Trends in reference evapotranspiration in the humid region of northeast India
In the present study, the trends in the reference evapotranspiration (ETO) estimated through the Penman-Monteith method were investigated over the humid region of northeast (NE) India by using theExpand
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Reference evapotranspiration under changing climate over the Thar Desert in India
We found that the evapotranspiration decreases over Bikaner are controlled mainly by trends in aerodynamic component, i.e. by the effects of significant wind speed decreases on RET, than the changes in the radiative component over the arid site located in the Thar Desert. Expand
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Streamflow trend analysis by considering autocorrelation structure, long-term persistence, and Hurst coefficient in a semi-arid region of Iran
Due to the substantial decrease of water resources as well as the increase in demand and climate change phenomenon, analyzing the trend of hydrological parameters is of paramount importance. In theExpand
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