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Haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells from human pluripotent stem cells
A variety of tissue lineages can be differentiated from pluripotent stem cells by mimicking embryonic development through stepwise exposure to morphogens, or by conversion of one differentiated cellExpand
Association of Taf14 with acetylated histone H3 directs gene transcription and the DNA damage response.
The YEATS domain, found in a number of chromatin-associated proteins, has recently been shown to have the capacity to bind histone lysine acetylation. Here, we show that the YEATS domain of Taf14, aExpand
A high-resolution transcriptome map of cell cycle reveals novel connections between periodic genes and cancer
Progression through the cell cycle is largely dependent on waves of periodic gene expression, and the regulatory networks for these transcriptome dynamics have emerged as critical points ofExpand
An RNA Polymerase II-coupled function for histone H3K36 methylation in checkpoint activation and DSB repair
Histone modifications are major determinants of DNA double-strand break (DSB) response and repair. Here we elucidate a DSB repair function for transcription-coupled Set2 methylation at H3 lysine 36Expand
Microbial population numbers and their enzyme activities in terms of different enzymes, namely dehydrogenase, urease and phosphatase, were estimated in four forest stands (two at low and two atExpand
Mineral nutrition in the tripartite interaction between Frankia, Glomus and Alnus at different soil phosphorus regimes
SUMMARY Phosphate uptake by a tripartite association involving Frankia, Glomus and Alnus was studied in containerized seedlings of Alnus nepalensis D. Don. The response of non-mycorrhizal plants to PExpand
Ecology of soil microflora and mycorrhizal symbionts in degraded forests at two altitudes
SummaryMicrobial populations were estimated in four different forest stands at different regenerational stages, two each at higher and lower altitudes. The fungal and bacterial populations showedExpand
Reconstruction of complex single-cell trajectories using CellRouter
A better understanding of the cell-fate transitions that occur in complex cellular ecosystems in normal development and disease could inform cell engineering efforts and lead to improved therapies.Expand
Structure/Function Analysis of Recurrent Mutations in SETD2 Protein Reveals a Critical and Conserved Role for a SET Domain Residue in Maintaining Protein Stability and Histone H3 Lys-36
The yeast Set2 histone methyltransferase is a critical enzyme that plays a number of key roles in gene transcription and DNA repair. Recently, the human homologue, SETD2, was found to be recurrentlyExpand