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Lifetime prediction and sizing of lead-acid batteries for microgeneration storage applications
Existing models of microgeneration systems with integrated lead-acid battery storage are combined with a battery lifetime algorithm to evaluate and predict suitable sized lead-acid battery storageExpand
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Theory for Aquifer Test Analysis in Fractured Rocks Under Linear (Nonradial) Flow Conditions
The flow of ground water in a fractured rock aquifer may be linear toward a natural production surface rather than radial toward a pumping well, if the well penetrates a fracture having aExpand
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Model for evaluating impact of battery storage on microgeneration systems in dwellings
Lead-acid batteries are a suitable technology for on site storage of microgenerated electricity. In this paper, an algorithm is developed that will assess, with an appropriate temporal resolution ofExpand
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Modelling carbon emissions of UK dwellings – The Tarbase Domestic Model
As part of the Tarbase project, the Tarbase Domestic Model was developed to assess the energy performance of dwellings and options for carbon-saving refurbishments. While subject to the usual limitsExpand
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Modelling light-pipe performances—a natural daylighting solution
Abstract Much research has been conducted looking at the advantages of using natural daylight for illumination of both domestic and commercial buildings. As an alternative to electric lighting,Expand
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Using dynamic simulation to quantify the effect of carbon-saving measures for a UK supermarket
A standard UK supermarket design is used to simulate the energy performance, and subsequent CO2 emissions, of a modern-day UK supermarket building. Retrofit measures are proposed to reduce these CO2Expand
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An approach for estimating the carbon emissions associated with office lighting with a daylight contribution
A method is proposed for estimating the electricity consumption (and associated carbon emissions) of a defined electrical-lighting configuration in an office building, accounting for the daylightExpand
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Measurement of the modal shapes of inhomogeneous cantilevers using optical beam deflection
The study of free vibrations of systems such as simple cantilevers has been mainly concerned with the determination of the eigenvalues (frequencies) and eigenfunctions (modal shapes). A technique hasExpand
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Experimental investigation of optimum thickness of a piezoelectric element for cantilever actuation
Piezoelectric elements may be used as actuators to control a wide range of structures. The magnitude of deflection which is possible for a cantilever is a direct function of the ratio of theExpand
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Graphene and its Influence in the Improvement of Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Based Sensors: a Review
A biosensor based on the principle of surface Plasmon resonance (SPR) and containing graphene is an efficient technique which allows quantification of biomolecular interactions in real-time. It canExpand
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