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Cellular and subcellular localization of an octadecaneuropeptide derived from diazepam binding inhibitor: immunohistochemical studies in the rat brain.
The findings of this study are consistent with the hypothesis that ODN may be a neuron-specific processing product of DBI and that ODn-like peptides may act as putative endogenous allosteric modulators of various GABAA receptor subtypes.
Antiketogenic and hypoglycemic effects of aminocarnitine and acylaminocarnitines.
A finding suggesting that substantial carnitine palmitoyltransferase-independent long-chain fatty acid oxidation may occur in vivo is suggested.
FormofInorganic Carbon Involved asaProduct andasan Inhibitor ofC4AcidDecarboxylases Operating inC4
Activity ofNAD malic enzyme inthecarboxylating direction was undetectable and CO2 rather thanHC03-isthe inorganic carbon metabolite produced by the C4aciddecarboxylases involved inC4photosynthesis was demonstrated.
Hypoglycemic effect of DL-aminocarnitine in streptozotocin diabetic mice: inhibition of gluconeogenesis
The authors conclude that the hypoglycemic effect of DL-aminocarnitine in diabetic mice is due, at least in part, to inhibition of gluconeogenesis.
Isolation ofBundle Sheath Cell Chloroplasts fromthe NADP-METypeC4Plant Zeamays CAPACITIESFOR CO2ASSIMILATIONAND MALATE DECARBOXYLATION
Generally, neither malate decarboxylation norCO2assimilation occurred substantially intheabsence of theother activity indicating a close relationship between these processes.
TheInvolvement ofAspartate andGlutamate inthe Decarboxylation ofMalate byIsolated Bundle Sheath
It was concluded that aspartate, glutamate, and related compounds affect the transport ofmalate into theintact chloroplasts and that malate translocation doesn't take place on the general dicarboxylate translocator previously reported for higher plant chloroplast.