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On the LambertW function
We present a new discussion of the complex branches ofW, an asymptotic expansion valid for all branches, an efficient numerical procedure for evaluating the function to arbitrary precision, and a method for the symbolic integration of expressions containingW. Expand
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Kinetic theories for granular flow: inelastic particles in Couette flow and slightly inelastic particles in a general flowfield
The flow of an idealized granular material consisting of uniform smooth, but nelastic, spherical particles is studied using statistical methods analogous to those used in the kinetic theory of gases.Expand
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Conduction through a random suspension of spheres
  • D. Jeffrey
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  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A…
  • 27 November 1973
The conduction of heat (or electricity) through a stationary random suspension of spheres is studied for a volume fraction of the spheres (c) which is small. The work of Maxwell (1873) is extended toExpand
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Calculation of the resistance and mobility functions for two unequal rigid spheres in low-Reynolds-number flow
Two unequal rigid spheres are immersed in unbounded fluid and are acted on by externally applied forces and couples. The Reynolds number of the flow around them is assumed to be small, with theExpand
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The Rheological Properties of Suspensions of Rigid Particles
Experimental and theoretical work on the rheological properties of suspensions are reviewed. Attention is focused on systems consisting of rigid, neutrally buoyant particles suspended in NewtonianExpand
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The stress tensor in a granular flow at high shear rates
The stress tensor in a granular shear flow is calculated by supposing that binary collisions between the particles comprising the granular mass are responsible for most of the momentum transport. WeExpand
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Tutorial/Article didactique: Some applications of the Lambert W function to physics
Two standard physics problems are solved in terms of the Lambert W  function, to show the applicability of this recently defined function to physics. Other applications of the function are cited, b...
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The calculation of the low Reynolds number resistance functions for two unequal spheres
The resistance functions that relate the forces, couples, and stresslets exerted on ambient fluid by two unequal rigid spheres in low Reynolds number flow are calculated for the case in which theExpand
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A sequence of series for the Lambert W function
WC give a uniform treatment of several series expansions for the Lambert Iirfurrction, leading toaninfinite family of new series. Expand
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