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A training guide for in situ conservation on-farm: version 1.
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The utility of crop genetic diversity in maintaining ecosystem services
Few studies have addressed the relationship between genetic diversity and provision of ecosystem services in agroecosystems. In this review, we argue that the contribution of biological diversity toExpand
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An Heuristic Framework for Identifying Multiple Ways of Supporting the Conservation and Use of Traditional Crop Varieties within the Agricultural Production System
This paper reviews and discusses how studies on (i) on-farm diversity assessment, (ii) access to diversity and information, (iii) extent of use of available materials and information, and (iv)Expand
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Farmer seed networks make a limited contribution to agriculture? Four common misconceptions
The importance of seed provisioning in food security and nutrition, agricultural development and rural livelihoods, and agrobiodiversity and germplasm conservation is well accepted by policy makers,Expand
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A global perspective of the richness and evenness of traditional crop-variety diversity maintained by farming communities
Varietal data from 27 crop species from five continents were drawn together to determine overall trends in crop varietal diversity on farm. Measurements of richness, evenness, and divergence showedExpand
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Rice landrace diversity in Nepal: Variability of agro-morphological traits and SSR markers in landraces from a high-altitude site
Abstract Nepal has a wide diversity of rice landraces in all rice-growing areas from low to high altitude. A baseline survey in Jumla, a high-altitude site (2200–3000 m), identified rice landracesExpand
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Socioeconomic and Agroecological Determinants of Conserving Diversity On-farm: The Case of Rice Genetic Resources in Nepal
Conservation of crop genetic resources presents a challenge of identifying specific determinants driving maintenance of diversity at farm and agroecosystems. The objectives of this study were toExpand
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Traditional Maize Storage Methods of Mayan Farmers in Yucatan, Mexico: Implications for Seed Selection and Crop Diversity
For small-scale farmers who maintain genetically diverse crop populations, aspects of the storage of their seeds and harvest may be just as important for successful farming as those related toExpand
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Wild relatives and crop cultivars: detecting natural introgression and farmer selection of new genetic combinations in agroecosystems
Whether new combinations of genes that result from hybridization and introgression between wild and cultivated taxa are maintained, with the resultant development of populations with newExpand
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