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Protein incorporation by isolated amphibian oocytes. 3. Optimum incubation conditions.
Available evidence indicates that protein incorporation by amphibian oocytes is mediated through a process of micropinocytosis, and several slightly improved reformulations of the standard incubation medium are provided. Expand
Studies on amphibian yolk. VII. Serum phosphoprotein synthesis by vitellogenic females and estrogen-treated males of Xenopus laevis.
Female toads given 1000 units of human chorionic gonadotropin ovulated within 24 h and began to synthesize a phosphoprotein which appeared, but did not accumulate, in the serum (physiological half-...
Protein incorporation by isolated amphibian oocytes. I. Preliminary studies.
Developing Xenopus oocytes removed from the ovary and divested of their outermost cellular layers (theca and surface epithelium) will incorporate protein continuously over a period of at least two to six days when cultured in vitro, implying that the outer surface epithelial layer is relatively impermeable to protein. Expand
The analytical results suggested that trout phosvitin has approximately half the molecular weight (24,000) of the other proteins and that "purified" phosVitin may still be heterogeneous. Expand
Protein uptake in vitro by amphibian oocytes.
Studies on amphibian yolk. 8. The estrogen-induced hepatic synthesis of a serum lipophosphoprotein and its selective uptake by the ovary and trasformation into yolk platelet proteins in Xenopus
Serum chromatograms demonstrate that most of the variable labeling of the serum is the function of a single serum component, designated SLPP, which appears to transform into the two proteins of the crystalline yolk platelet, phosvitin and lipovitellin, and hence represents the precursor molecule for crystallineYolk. Expand
Protein incorporation by isolated amphibian oocytes. V. Specificity for vitellogenin incorporation
Results are consistent with the notion that vitellogenin binds to specific receptor sites on the oocyte membrane and is subsequently internalized by micropinocytosis, and other proteins, such as BSA, which do not compete with viteLLogenin are most likely to be incorporated by adventitious engulfment during microp inocytotic. Expand
Studies on amphibian yolk. X. The relative roles of autosynthetic and heterosynthetic processes during yolk protein assembly by isolated oocytes.
The principal conclusion reached from these studies is that at least 99% of the protein present in the yolk platelet crystal is derived from a source outside the oocyte. Expand
Comparative chromatography of the yolk proteins of teleosts.
  • D. Jared, R. Wallace
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  • 1 February 1968
These determinations indicate that teleost lipovitellins (with the exception of the toadfish) are less phosphorylated than other vertebrate lipovitelin and phosvitin. Expand
Estrogen Induces Lipophosphoprotein in Serum of Male Xenopus laevis
Administration of estradiol 17β to male Xenopus laevis induces the appearance in serum of large amounts of a serum lipophosphoprotein which is not readily removed from the circulation and which canExpand