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Study of the correlation between surface roughness and cutting vibrations to develop an on-line roughness measuring technique in hard turning
Abstract Surface roughness is one of the important factors in all areas of tribology and in evaluating the quality of a machining operation. In order to achieve computer controlled machining in aExpand
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Surface residual stresses in machined austenitic stainless steel
Surface residual stresses due to turning operations in AISI 304 type stainless steel were studied as a function of machining speed, feed rate, depth of cut, and tool geometry and coating. ResidualExpand
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Residual stress measurement on welded specimen by neutron diffraction
Abstract Residual stress is generated in the structures as a result of irregular elastic–plastic deformation during fabrication processes such as welding, heat treatment, and mechanical processing.Expand
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Review: Developments in micro/nanoscale fabrication by focused ion beams
Abstract Focused ion beam (FIB) technology has become increasingly attractive for the fabrication of micro/nano structures for the purpose of the demands in industry and research. In this paper,Expand
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Cutting Force Estimation by Measuring Spindle Displacement in Milling Process
A cylindrical capacitive displacement sensor (CCDS) was developed and applied for monitoring end milling processes. Dynamic characteristics of a spindle-assembly were measured using the CCDS and aExpand
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Demonstrating the potential of yttrium-doped barium zirconate electrolyte for high-performance fuel cells
In reducing the high operating temperatures (≥800 °C) of solid-oxide fuel cells, use of protonic ceramics as an alternative electrolyte material is attractive due to their high conductivity and lowExpand
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Microfluidic acoustophoretic force based low-concentration oil separation and detection from the environment.
Detecting and quantifying extremely low concentrations of oil from the environment have broad applications in oil spill monitoring in ocean and coastal areas as well as in oil leakage monitoring onExpand
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Micro ceramic fuel cells with multilayered yttrium-doped barium cerate and zirconate thin film electrolytes
Abstract Multi- and mono-layered thin film electrolytes based on BaCe0.9Y0.1O3−δ (BCY) and BaZr0.85Y0.15O3−δ (BZY) ceramics are fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) for use in micro-protonicExpand
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Surface Tuning of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode by Atomic Layer Deposition
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High‐Performance Silver Cathode Surface Treated with Scandia‐Stabilized Zirconia Nanoparticles for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
This work introduces a novel silver composite cathode with a surface coating of scandia-stabilized zirconia (ScSZ) nanoparticles for application in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellsExpand
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