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Measurement of qubits
We describe in detail the theory underpinning the measurement of density matrices of a pair of quantum two-level systems ~‘‘qubits’’ !. Our particular emphasis is on qubits realized by the twoExpand
Quantum dynamics of cold trapped ions with application to quantum computation
The theory of interactions between lasers and cold trapped ions as it pertains to the design of Cirac-Zoller quantum computers is discussed. The mean positions of the trapped ions, the eigenvaluesExpand
Optically Polarized Atoms: Understanding light-atom interactions
I: INTRODUCTION TO LIGHT-ATOM INTERACTIONS 1. Introduction 2. Atomic States 3. A bit of angular-momentum theory 4. Atoms in external electric and magnetic fields 5. Polarized atoms 6. Polarized lightExpand
The generalized Fresnel transform and its application to optics
We consider the mathematical properties of a class of linear transforms, which we call the generalized Fresnel transforms, and which have wide applications to several areas of optics. Well-knownExpand
Ion Trap Quantum Computing with Warm Ions
We describe two schemes to manipulate the electronic qubit states of trapped ions independent of the collective vibrational state of the ions. The first scheme uses an adiabatic method, and thus isExpand
Deterministic quantum teleportation with atoms
Deterministic quantum-state teleportation between a pair of trapped calcium ions is reported, demonstrating unequivocally the quantum nature of the process. Expand
Quantum process tomography of a controlled-NOT gate.
We demonstrate complete characterization of a two-qubit entangling process--a linear optics controlled-NOT gate operating with coincident detection--by quantum process tomography. We use aExpand
Effective Hamiltonian theory and its applications in quantum information
This paper presents a useful compact formula for deriving an effective Hamiltonian describing the time-averaged dynamics of detuned quantum systems. The formalism also works for ensemble-averagedExpand
Maximizing the entanglement of two mixed qubits
Two-qubit states occupy a large and relatively unexplored Hilbert space. Such states can be succinctly characterized by their degree of entanglement and purity. In this article we investigateExpand
Change of polarization of light beams on propagation in free space
It is shown by use of a simple model that in general the state of polarization of a light beam generated by a partially coherent source changes as the beam propagates in free space.