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The induction of hexaploidy in cherry rootstocks using in vitro regeneration techniques
SummaryAn in vitro regeneration technique using root callus has been combined with colchicine application to produce hexaploid plants from the sterile triploid cherry rootstock Colt. Colchicine (50Expand
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Regeneration and transformation of the premier UK apple (Malus × pumila Mill.) cultivar Queen Cox
Summary A number of factors were assessed for their effects on in vitro shoot proliferation and adventitious shoot regeneration. More in vitro leaves of a quality suitable for use in regeneration andExpand
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Endosperm responses to irradiated pollen in apples
SummaryThe cytological effects of pollen γ-irradiation at 50 and 100 krad on both embryo and endosperm development were studied in Malus × domestica. Fruit and seed set were reduced by increasingExpand
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Variability in xylem resin composition amongst natural populations of indonesian Pinus merkusii
Abstract Turpentine from xylem resin of Pinus merkusii sampled within natural populations at four northern sites of Sumatra was similar to commercial Indone
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Xylem resin composition and chemotaxonomy of three varieties of Pinus caribaea
Abstract Xylem resin composition was determined for 161 individual trees from three varieties of Pinus caribaea growing in Zimbabwe. Turpentine from all three varieties, viz., var. caribaea (oneExpand
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Assessment of somaclonal variation in apple. I. Resistance to the fire blight pathogen, Erwinia amylovora
SummaryAfter inoculation of glasshouse-grown somaclones regenerated from apple leaf discs (cv. Greensleeves) 33% of 270 showed an increase in resistance to the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora.Expand
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The use of peroxidase polymorphism in the identification of apple scion cultivars
Abstract Polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic separations of peroxidase isoenzymes from shoot bark tissues of apple show patterns that are consistent for cultivar and independent of season, age orExpand
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The use of peroxidase polymorphism in the identification of Malling and Malling Merton apple rootstocks.
SummaryPolyacrylamide gel electrophoresis has been used to obtain peroxidase patterns of 37 Malling and Malling Merton apple rooistocks. Twenty-four different peroxidase bands were recorded, givingExpand
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Transgenes for Pest and Disease Resistance
Using a leaf disc transformation procedure andAgrobacterium- mediated gene transfer, transgenic apple and strawberry plants have been produced that carry a gene encoding a cowpea trypsin inhibitorExpand
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The use of RAPD for verifying the apomictic status of seedlings of Malus species
Abstract The lack of red-purple pigmentation in seedlings obtained from crosses between M. cv Baskatong, carrying a dominant homozygous gene for red-purple pigmentation, and other species has beenExpand
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