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Why the Bass Model Fits without Decision Variables
We generalize the Bass diffusion model to include decision variables such as price and advertising, and our results provide theoretical and empirical support. Expand
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Customer lifetime value research in marketing: A review and future directions
As we go through the information revolution, new marketing areas and issues are emerging that warrant in-depth research. New problems present themselves to investigation and old problems can beExpand
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Logit Demand Estimation Under Competitive Pricing Behavior: An Equilibrium Framework
Discrete choice models of demand have typically been estimated assuming that prices are exogenous. Since unobservable (to the researcher) product attributes, such as coupon availability, may impactExpand
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Cross-National Analysis of Diffusion of Consumer Durable Goods in Pacific Rim Countries
The Bass new product growth model is used for cross-national analysis of diffusion processes of durable goods in four major Pacific Rim countries. The estimated coefficients are used to test theExpand
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Product‐Line Length as a Competitive Tool
The increasing number of consumer goods and services offered in recent years suggests that product-line extensions have become a favored strategy of product managers. A larger assortment, it is oftenExpand
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A Dynamic Model of Channel Member Strategies for Marketing Expenditures
We develop a dynamic model for determining the equilibrium marketing effort levels for a manufacturer and a retailer in a two-member marketing channel. The existence of carry-over effects ofExpand
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Customer Value Assessment in Business Markets: A State-of-Practice Study
The state-of-practice with respect to customer value assessment in business markets was studied. Familiarity with and usage of nine methods were investigated for a sample of 80 informants from theExpand
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Optimal Pricing Strategy for New Products
Robinson and Lakhani (1975) initiated a long research stream in marketing when they used the Bass model (1969) to develop optimal pricing path for a new product. A careful analysis of the extantExpand
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Investigating Heterogeneity in Brand Preferences in Logit Models for Panel Data
In analyzing panel data, the issue of heterogeneity across households is an important consideration. If heterogeneity is present but is ignored in the analysis, it will result in biased andExpand
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Investigating Household Purchase Timing Decisions: A Conditional Hazard Function Approach
The purchase timing decision is an important component of the dynamics of a household's purchase behavior. This decision is influenced by marketing and other variables, and the modeling of thisExpand
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