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The clinical significance of the palmaris longus tendon and functional superficial flexor of the little finger in the pathophysiology of carpal tunnel syndrome
Background: The pathophysiology of carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with increased intracarpal canal pressure. Recently, palmaris longus has been introduced as an independent risk factor for theExpand
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Ulnar variance in scaphoid nonunion.
BACKGROUND Negative ulnar variance can be a risk factor in Kienböck's disease, wrist instability, and scaphoid bone fracture. This study focused on the ulnar variance in wrists with scaphoid boneExpand
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Recurrence rate after radial club hand surgery in long term follow up
BACKGROUND: Radial club hand includes wide spectrum of malformations that involve radial side of forearm. Conservative treatments are recommended to the milder types and surgical interventionsExpand
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Intra-articular osteochondroma of the elbow: a case report.
Osteochondromas are one of the most common bone tumors of the human skeleton. Also known as osteocartilaginous exostoses, they are benign osseous growths capped with hyaline cartilage. They are alsoExpand
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Expansile aneurysmal bone cyst in the tubular bones of the hand treated with en bloc excision and autograft reconstruction: a report of 12 cases
Primary aneurysmal bone cysts (ABCs) in the small tubular bones of the hands are rare and optimal treatment is not yet established. Between August 1997 and June 2009, 12 patients with biopsy-provenExpand
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An unusual presentation of ossified intramuscular hemangioma: a case report.
Intramuscular cavernous hemangiomas represent less than 1% of all hemangiomas. Typical presentation is a soft-tissue mass and/or pain without cutaneous changes. Whereas calcification of hemangiomasExpand
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A variant of mirror hand. A case report.
We describe a rare variant of mirror hand in a 20-year-old man who presented with multiple fingers. Radiographs revealed two ulnae (one vestigial) and a radius. There was duplication of the humeralExpand
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Congenital Bilateral Pseudarthrosis of the Index Metacarpal Bones
Congenital pseudarthrosis is very rare in upper extremity, and has only previously been reported in the forearm. A case of bilateral congenital pseudarthrosis of the index metacarpal bones isExpand
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Osteoblastoma of the scaphoid bone – A rare case report
Osteoblastoma is rarely found in the hand or wrist. Review of literature revealed that only five cases of osteoblastoma have been reported in scaphoid bone. This paper presents a rare case ofExpand
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Osteoid osteoma of the trapezoid bone.
Osteoid osteoma is a benign, bone-forming tumor that rarely involves the carpal bones. We report a case of osteoid osteoma of the trapezoid carpal bone with extension to the adjacent secondExpand
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