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The "Pursuit Deterrent" Function of Alarm Signals
With few exceptions (Perrins 1968; Smythe 1970) it has always been expressly or tacitly assumed that the function of "alarm" signals was to warn conspecifics of the presence of a predator. To some itExpand
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The effect of human trampling on coral reefs
Abstract While it is generally recognised that gross interference by man such as mining and dredging can lead to major changes in coral reefs, this paper shows that the more unobtrusive humanExpand
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Localization of soil dwelling scarab larvae by the black-backed magpie, Gymnorhina tibicen (Latham)
Abstract Black-backed magpies, Gymnorhina tibicen (Latham), were tested for their ability to localize their normal prey, soil dwelling scarab larvae, under a variety of experimental conditions.Expand
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Gross Bioenergetics of Blattella germanica
calories. Most authors have made no attempt to determine independently all components of the equations, even though such determinations would have provided a check on the reliability of theirExpand
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Siganus trispillos, a new species of Siganidae from the eastern Indian Ocean
species live among coral. The schooling species are important food fishes and are currently the subject of a number of mariculture studies. Siganids, particularly preserved specimens, are veryExpand
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