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Approaches to Learning by Students in the Biological Sciences: Implications for teaching
This study is an investigation of the epistemological beliefs and study habits of students undertaking first‐year courses in Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry. In particular, we were interestedExpand
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Student understanding of pH: “i don't know what the log actually is, i only know where the button is on my calculator”
In foundation biochemistry and biological chemistry courses, a major problem area that has been identified is students' lack of understanding of pH, acids, bases, and buffers. Expand
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Snapshot of Mathematical Background Demographics of a Broad Cohort of First Year Chemistry Science Students
A case study of the background mathematical skills of a varied group of first year chemistry students (n = 455) is presented. Potential student demographic factors, including school leaver, matureExpand
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Clickers in Biosciences: Do they Improve Academic Performance?
While “clickers” are widely advocated for their capacity to enhance student motivation and engagement in large classes, the extent to which they lead to improved academic outcomes is a more recentExpand
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An investigation into student perceptions towards mathematics and their performance in first year chemistry: introduction of online maths skills support
An online Maths Skills Site was developed as an integrated support programme for first year Chemistry students, the content of which, was based on an analysis of their high-school mathematicalExpand
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Motivating students and improving engagement in biology units using online QS modules
MathBench biology modules represent one example of how biology educators can incorporate materials to improve quantitative skills and reasoning into introductory courses. The MathBench- AustraliaExpand
The Reluctance of Scientists to Engage in Peer Review of Teaching
Over the last two decades universities globally have responded to a growing demand for higher education and hence the number and diversity of university students has increased dramatically (Bradley,Expand
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We introduced a purely online mathematical support environment, termed the Maths Skills Site, which was integrated into the first year chemistry curricula. Expand
Effectiveness of peer discussion for student understanding of acid-base equilibria
Students frequently have difficulty in understanding the central concepts of acid-base chemistry and buffers. The term, troublesome knowledge, as defined by Meyer and Land, accurately describes thisExpand