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Genome-Wide Analysis of the Biology of Stress Responses through Heat Shock Transcription Factor
ABSTRACT Heat shock transcription factor (HSF) and the promoter heat shock element (HSE) are among the most highly conserved transcriptional regulatory elements in nature. HSF mediates theExpand
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Biochemical Characterization of the Human Copper Transporter Ctr1*
The trace metal copper is an essential cofactor for a number of biological processes including mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, free radical detoxification, neurotransmitter synthesis andExpand
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Uptake of the anticancer drug cisplatin mediated by the copper transporter Ctr1 in yeast and mammals
Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic drug used to treat a variety of cancers. Both intrinsic and acquired resistance to cisplatin, as well as toxicity, limit its effectiveness. Molecular mechanisms thatExpand
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Mechanisms for copper acquisition, distribution and regulation.
Copper (Cu) is a redox-active metal ion essential for most aerobic organisms. Cu serves as a catalytic and structural cofactor for enzymes that function in energy generation, iron acquisition, oxygenExpand
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Identification of a copper transporter family in Arabidopsis thaliana
Despite copper ions being crucial in proteins participating in plant processes such as electron transport, free-radical elimination and hormone perception and signaling, very little is known aboutExpand
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Biochemical and Genetic Analyses of Yeast and Human High Affinity Copper Transporters Suggest a Conserved Mechanism for Copper Uptake*
The redox active metal copper is an essential cofactor in critical biological processes such as respiration, iron transport, oxidative stress protection, hormone production, and pigmentation. AExpand
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Parallel pathways of gene regulation: homologous regulators SWI5 and ACE2 differentially control transcription of HO and chitinase.
Two independent pathways of transcriptional regulation that show functional homology have been identified in yeast. It has been demonstrated previously that SWI5 encodes a zinc finger DNA-bindingExpand
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Molecular mechanisms of copper uptake and distribution.
In the past few years, exciting advances have been made toward understanding how copper is transported into and distributed to cupro-proteins within cells. Recent work has identified high-affinityExpand
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Redox regulation of mammalian heat shock factor 1 is essential for Hsp gene activation and protection from stress.
The activation of eukaryotic heat shock protein (Hsp) gene expression occurs in response to a wide variety of cellular stresses including heat shock, hydrogen peroxide, uncoupled oxidativeExpand
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Copper-specific Transcriptional Repression of Yeast Genes Encoding Critical Components in the Copper Transport Pathway*
Copper is an essential micronutrient that is toxic in excess. To maintain an adequate yet non-toxic concentration of copper, cells possess several modes of control. One involves copper uptakeExpand
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