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Recurrent Collateral Connections of Striatal Medium Spiny Neurons Are Disrupted in Models of Parkinson's Disease
The principal neurons of the striatum, GABAergic medium spiny neurons (MSNs), are interconnected by local recurrent axon collateral synapses. Although critical to many striatal models, it is notExpand
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Dopaminergic Control of Corticostriatal Long-Term Synaptic Depression in Medium Spiny Neurons Is Mediated by Cholinergic Interneurons
Long-term depression (LTD) of the synapse formed between cortical pyramidal neurons and striatal medium spiny neurons is central to many theories of motor plasticity and associative learning. TheExpand
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Thalamic Gating of Corticostriatal Signaling by Cholinergic Interneurons
Salient stimuli redirect attention and suppress ongoing motor activity. This attentional shift is thought to rely upon thalamic signals to the striatum to shift cortically driven action selection,Expand
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Robust Pacemaking in Substantia Nigra Dopaminergic Neurons
Dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra pars compacta are autonomous pacemakers. This activity is responsible for the sustained release of dopamine necessary for the proper functioning of targetExpand
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Kalirin-7 Controls Activity-Dependent Structural and Functional Plasticity of Dendritic Spines
Activity-dependent rapid structural and functional modifications of central excitatory synapses contribute to synapse maturation, experience-dependent plasticity, and learning and memory and areExpand
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D1 Receptor Activation Enhances Evoked Discharge in Neostriatal Medium Spiny Neurons by Modulating an L-Type Ca2+ Conductance
Most in vitro studies of D1 dopaminergic modulation of excitability in neostriatal medium spiny neurons have revealed inhibitory effects. Yet studies made in more intact preparations have shown thatExpand
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Selective neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson disease
Intracellular α-synuclein (α-syn)-rich protein aggregates called Lewy pathology (LP) and neuronal death are commonly found in the brains of patients with clinical Parkinson disease (cPD). It isExpand
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Differential Excitability and Modulation of Striatal Medium Spiny Neuron Dendrites
The loss of striatal dopamine (DA) in Parkinson's disease (PD) models triggers a cell-type-specific reduction in the density of dendritic spines in D2 receptor-expressing striatopallidal medium spinyExpand
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D1/D5 Dopamine Receptor Activation Differentially Modulates Rapidly Inactivating and Persistent Sodium Currents in Prefrontal Cortex Pyramidal Neurons
Dopamine (DA) is a well established modulator of prefrontal cortex (PFC) function, yet the cellular mechanisms by which DA exerts its effects in this region are controversial. A major point ofExpand
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