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Anomalous Diffusion of a Plasma across a Magnetic Field
The diffusion of a plasma across a magnetic field is considered both theoretically and experimentally. It was found out that the fluctuation of the density can cause an anomalous diffusion that is
Highly Ionized Hollow Cathode Discharge
A hollow cathode discharge (HCD) is described that produces a highly ionized steady‐state plasma (ne≈1013−1014/cm3) at a temperature 1–10 eV, in a volume as large as 104 cm3, with background neutral
Disposal of Nuclear Wastes
If nuclear power is to resolve the authors' energy needs in the coming decades, its benefits should not be delayed for lack of a viable management program for high-level wastes, and a workable ultimate disposal scheme must be developed soon.
Methods of Measuring the Properties of Ionized Gases at High Frequencies. II. Measurement of Electric Field
Experimental methods are given for determining the electric field within resonant cavities in the microwave region. Methods are discussed of calculating the electric field in both simple and complex
Microwave Gas Discharge Breakdown in Air, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
The microwave breakdown electric field has been measured for pure air uncontaminated by discharge products (presumably oxides of nitrogen), and for nitrogen and oxygen separately. The breakdown field
Nuclear Eclectic Power
The uranium and thorium resources, the technology, and the social impacts all seem to presage an even sharper increase in nuclear power for electric generation than had hitherto been predicted, and this debate can feel deeper currents running in this debate.