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Differences between Mg(2+) and transition metal ions in the activation of calcineurin.
Circular dichroism showed that metal ions increased the alpha-helical content of calcineurin, but little significant differences in the spectra were identified between using activating and nonactivating metal ions. Expand
Effect of substitution inert metal complexes on calcineurin.
Activation by Co(NH3)3+6 indicated that activation of calcineurin by exogenous metal ions can proceed via an outer coordination sphere reaction mechanism with no requirement for the direct coordination of substrate by metal. Expand
Localized structural effects of electrostatic interactions in a thermostable enzyme.
It was concluded that localized structural differences induced by electrostatic interactions between charged residues in the thermotrophic enzyme were responsible for the enhanced thermal stability of proteins from thermotroph. Expand
Response of recombinant calcineurin to metal ions, reduction-oxidation agents, and enzymatic modification.
Recombinant calcineurin heterodimer with the full length delta-isoform of the catalytic subunit (CaN(500)) was expressed in insect cells using the baculovirus system and compared to native bovineExpand
Acidity of exogenous metal ion in the activation of calcineurin
The hypothesis that exogenous metal ion functions to facilitate a proton transfer before the turnover of substrate with the acidity of the exogenousMetal ion as a primary determinant of its participation is supported. Expand