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Entrepreneurship in Russia and China: The Impact of Formal Institutional Voids
Transition economies are often characterized by underdeveloped formal institutions, often resulting in an unstable environment and creating a void usually filled by informal ones. Entrepreneurs inExpand
Two Decades of Russian Business and Management Research: An Institutional Theory Perspective
Executive Overview Business and management in Russia have undergone substantial change during the past two decades as the country has transitioned from the centrally planned Soviet system to a moreExpand
Can Russia's state-managed, network capitalism be competitive?: Institutional pull versus institutional push
In the fall of 2005, former chairman of Yukos Oil, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was sentenced to prison, after being found guilty of fraud and tax evasion. Many viewed the trial as the government's attemptExpand
Finding the Common Ground in Russian and American Business Ethics
Business ethics in Russia are changing as is the very nature of business itself. This article compares Russian and American conceptions of ethics in business using a framework of ethical andExpand
Navigating the hostile maze: A framework for Russian entrepreneurship
Executive Overview Unstable government, an undeveloped legal system, overregulation, a virtually unfathomable business taxation system, a pervasive mafia, and an inadequate business infrastructureExpand
Convergence in Entrepreneurial Leadership Style: Evidence from Russia
Entrepreneurial leadership is crucial for economic growth in all countries, yet little is known about the leadership style of entrepreneurs in transition economies such as the BRIC countries (Brazil,Expand
Corporate governance and IPO underpricing in a cross‐national sample: A multilevel knowledge‐based view
type="main" xml:id="smj2275-abs-0001"> Prior studies of IPO underpricing, mostly using agency theory and single-country samples, have generally fallen short. In this study, we employ theExpand
Transferring management knowledge to Russia: A culturally based approach
Executive Overview Russian managers entered the decade of the 1990s ill-prepared to manage their companies in the country's chaotic transition to a market economy. This article draws lessons forExpand
Corporate governance in Russia: a framework for analysis
In the past several years, the Putin government's goal of joining the World Trade Organization, as well as the critical shortage of investment funds in the country, have been prime levers in raisingExpand