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Direct observation of toxic effects of cyanobacterial extracellular products on Daphnia
The filtrate from a suspension of the cyanobacterium Anabaena minutissima var. attenuata depressed thoracic limb beat frequency of Daphnia carinata by 38–45% in a food-free medium. Repeated exposureExpand
The Lake Okaro ecosystem 1. Background limnology
Lake Okaro is a eutrophic lake on the central volcanic plateau of North Island, New Zealand. Its hypolimnion has become progressively depleted of dissolved oxygen between 1955 and 1964. Since then ...
The Lake Okaro ecosystem 2. Production of the chironomid Polypedilum pavidus and its role as food for two fish species
Abstract Lake Okaro, a nutrient‐rich lake on the central volcanic plateau of the North Island, New Zealand, supported a maximum littoral population of the chironomid Polypedilum pavidus Hutton of 309Expand
Zooplankton grazing on lake bactenoplankton and phytoplankton
Etude experimentale des besoins nutritifs du calanoide Calamoecia lucasi et du cladocere Ceriodaphnia dubia. Comparaison entre besoin en carbone du zooplancton et biomasse bacterienne montrant que,Expand
The limnology of a Thermal Lake: Lake Rotowhero, New Zealand: I. General description and water chemistry
The topography, morphology, hydrography, temperature conditions and water chemistry of an acid thermal lake, Lake Rotowhero. North Island, New Zealand, were studied and related to lake biology.Expand
Introduction to the short communications
The shift in phytoplankton community structure towards an increased proportional abundance of cyanobacteria∗ has wide‐ranging ecological as well as water management implications. Certain species,Expand