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Evaporation from heated water bodies: Predicting combined forced plus free convection
Recent measurements at the National Geothermal Test Facility at East Mesa, California, and the Savannah River Plant, South Carolina, have spurred a renewed look at evaporation from heated waterExpand
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Calibration of a Transport Model Using Halocarbons
A field study was conducted during April 1987 in which the concentrations of volatile halocarbon tracers, discharged from two existing outfalls, were measured throughout Boston Harbor and westernExpand
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Density exchange flow through a slotted curtain
Densimetric exchange How is studied for several types of vertical slotted curtains separating fluids of different density. Critical How theory is used to relate exchange How to densimetric FroudeExpand
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Leachate Collection System Performance Analysis
The sensitivity of a waste disposal impoundment's leachate collection system performance to a range of design parameter values is investigated based on a computer modeling study. The piezometric headExpand
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Analysis of evaporation data from heated ponds: Final report
Evaporation plays an important role in determining station performance and water consumption for electric power plants that employ cooling impoundments. To improve understanding of the evaporationExpand
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