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Matrix phyllosilicates and associated minerals in C2M carbonaceous chondrites
Abstract TEM, HRTEM, HVEM and SEM methods, coupled with energy dispersive X-ray analysis, have been used to study the microstructure and the phases comprising the matrix of carbonaceous chondritesExpand
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The microstructure of Semarkona and Bishunpur
Abstract The ordinary chondrites, Semarkona and Bishunpur, appear to have experienced in situ hydrous alteration. Here we report the results of the first detailed TEM examination of them, whichExpand
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Origin of chondrule rims and interchondrule matrices in unequilibrated ordinary chondrites
Optical microscopy, electron probe microanalysis, scanning electron microscopy and analytical transmission electron microscopy were used to study the interchondrule matrix and opaque chondrule rimsExpand
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Electron microscopy of molluscan crossed-lamellar microstructure
The morphology of the molluscan shell microstructure cross-lamellar structure (XLM) was studied by a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) examination of a variety of species (Patella vulgata, LittorinaExpand
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Thin foils of non-metals made for electron microscopy by sputter-etching
Established techniques of making thin foils of non-metallic materials are reviewed briefly and their inadequacies outlined. The preparation of foils by sputter-etching is described and the effects onExpand
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On short range ordering in the perovskite lead magnesium niobate
The structural ordering characteristics of lead magnesium niobate (PMN) and solid solutions (PMN-PT) of PMN with lead titanate have been investigated using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). ItExpand
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Origin of supposedly biogenic magnetite in the Martian meteorite Allan Hills 84001
  • D. J. Barber, E. Scott
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 14 May 2002
Crystals of magnetite (Fe3O4) and periclase (MgO) in Fe-Mg-Ca carbonate in the Martian meteorite Allan Hills 84001 were studied by using transmission electron microscopy to understand their originExpand
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The Semarkona meteorite: First recorded occurrence of smectite in an ordinary chondrite, and its implications
Abstract Semarkona is an unshocked unequilibrated ordinary chondrite. Much of the interchondrule matrix and the mesostases of some chondrules and clasts have been hydrothermally altered. Analyses ofExpand
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Deformation twinning in calcite, dolomite, and other rhombohedral carbonates
AbstractTransmission electron microscope (tem) observations of single and multiple twins in calcite and dolomite are presented, and the results are analysed by means of selected area diffraction andExpand
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