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Ea and Knowing in Hawai'i
On the morning of 17 January 1993, about ten thousand people, most of them native Hawaiians, marched on 'Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu to remember the overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani oneExpand
Knossos : Unearthing a Legend
The legend of the Minotaur imprisoned in the Labyrinth beneath the palace of King Minos has haunted Europe's imagination since ancient times. Excavating the site in search of the truth, Arthur EvansExpand
Between Nations: Shakespeare, Spenser, Marvell, and the Question of Britain
Introduction 1. Imagining Britain: William Shakespeare's Henry V 2. Border crossings: Edmund Spenser's A View of the Present State of Ireland 3. British poetics: Andrew Marvell's 'An Horatian OdeExpand
“Wildehirissheman”: Colonialist Representation in Shakespeare's Henry V
  • D. J. Baker
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  • English Literary Renaissance
  • 1 December 1992
n October 12, 1599, Christopher St. Lawrence, a captain of the Queen’s army in Ireland, lately returned from that country, lifted his cup in a London tavern and made a toast. It was, under theExpand
Where is Ireland in The Tempest
Sir D. Plunket Barton declared in 1925 that ‘the search for a connecting link’ between Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Ireland ‘is a fruitless one’.1 The play’s ‘scene’, he said, ‘is rightly located inExpand
“Men to Monsters”: Civility, Barbarism, and “Race” in Early Modern Ireland
“They are blacke Moores, o Queene, wash them as long as you will, you shall never alter their hue.”1 The author of this statement remains anonymous, but was most likely an English clergyman, once ofExpand