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Quantum Geometry
DIRAC'S wave equation for the electron involves a Hamiltonian linear in the momenta pk. This fact seems to be of geometrical nature and suggests the introduction of a linear fundamental differentialExpand
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The Neutron Hypothesis
DR. J. CHADWICK'S explanation1 of the mysterious beryllium radiation is very attractive to theoretical physicists. Is it not possible to admit that neutrons play also an important rôle in theExpand
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Recalculation of Mass Defects
THE well-known mass defect curve of the old nuclear scheme calculated with regard to α-particles and protons presented a difficulty with its minimum of binding energy for tin and an increasingExpand
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Interaction of Neutrons and Protons
As electrons and positrons are expelled in some reactions from nuclei, we can try to treat these light particles like the photons emitted by atoms. Then the interaction of heavy particles (protons,Expand
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Zur Wechselwirkung der schweren Teilchen
ZusammenfassungEs wird gezeigt, da\ man die Wechselwirkung der schweren Kernteilchen1) berechnen kann, wenn sie durch leichte Teilchen übertragen ist. Die verschiedenen Gesetze der Wechselwirkung, z.Expand
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Self-Interaction of Neutrons and Protons
IT is known that, starting with Fermi's expression for the coupling between a heavy nuclear particle and the field of electrons and neutrinos, we get in the second approximation the law forExpand
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Classical theory of the scattering of Mesons
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