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The Luteinising Hormone Surge‐Generating System is Functional in Male Goats as in Females: Involvement of Kisspeptin Neurones in the Medial Preoptic Area
The data show that the mechanism that initiates the LH surge in response to oestrogen, the mPOA kisspeptin neurones, is functional in male goats, and sexual differentiation of the LH Surge‐generating system would not be applicable to goats. Expand
Peripheral administration of κ-opioid receptor antagonist stimulates gonadotropin-releasing hormone pulse generator activity in ovariectomized, estrogen-treated female goats.
It is demonstrated that peripherally administered KOR antagonist stimulates pulsatile LH secretion by acting on the GnRH pulse generator, and peripheral administration of PF-4455242 can be used to facilitate pulsatile RH secretion, which in turn facilitates ovarian activities in farm animals. Expand