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Investigation of the role of phosphorus in symbiotic dinitrogen fixation.
  • D. Israel
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Plant physiology
  • 1 July 1987
The interactive effects of phosphorus supply and combined nitrogen (nitrate) on dry matter and nitrogen accumulation by nodulated soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) plants, and the relative effects ofExpand
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Phosphate Regulation of Nitrate Assimilation in Soybean
It is known that phosphorus deficiency results in alterations in the assimilation of nitrogen. An experiment was conducted to investigate mechanisms involved in altered 15 NO 3 - uptake, endogenousExpand
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Magnesium ameliorates aluminum rhizotoxicity in soybean by increasing citric acid production and exudation by roots.
Superior effectiveness of Mg over Ca in alleviating Al rhizotoxicity cannot be accounted for by predicted changes in plasma membrane Al3+ activity. The influence of Ca and Mg on the production andExpand
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Magnesium is more efficient than calcium in alleviating aluminum rhizotoxicity in soybean and its ameliorative effect is not explained by the Gouy-Chapman-Stern model.
The mechanistic basis for cation amelioration of Al rhizotoxicity in soybean was investigated through a series of studies comparing protective effects of Ca and Mg against Al inhibition of rootExpand
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Energy status and functioning of phosphorus-deficient soybean nodules.
Characterization of the effects of long-term P deficiency and of onset and recovery from P deficiency on bacteroid mass and number per unit nodule mass and energy status of soybean (Glycine max L.Expand
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Phosphorus stress effects on growth and seed yield responses of nonnodulated soybean to elevated carbon dioxide
The influence of P availability on plant responses to elevated atmospheric CO concentrations has received limited research attention. Therefore, an experiment was conducted to examine the effect of aExpand
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Nitrogen and phosphorus nutritional interactions in a CO2 enriched environment
Abstract Nonnodulated soybean plants (Glycine max. [L.] Merr. ‘Lee') were supplied with nutrient solutions containing growth limiting concentrations of N or P to examine effects on N‐ and P‐uptakeExpand
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Altered aluminum inhibition of soybean root elongation in the presence of magnesium
Variations in genotype rankings among screenings for Al tolerance in hydroponics may be related to differences in the composition of the solutions. In the present study, we investigated theExpand
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Nitrate movement in shallow ground water from swine-lagoon-effluent spray fields managed under current application regulations.
Rapid increases in the swine (Sus scrofa domestica) population in the 1990s and associated potential for nitrate N pollution of surface waters led the state of North Carolina to adopt stringent wasteExpand
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Transport of nitrogen in the xylem of soybean plants.
Experiments were conducted to characterize the distribution of N compounds in the xylem sap of nodulated and nonnodulated soybean plants through development and to determine the effects of exogenousExpand
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