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Sterols as Complex-forming Species
The formation of complexes of sterols with different compounds determines the biological properties of both sterols and various natural substances such as saponins and polyene antibiotics. ComplexExpand
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[Hypolipidemic activity of glycine and its derivatives].
A hypolipidemic action of glycine and its derivatives glycylglycine, clofibrylglycine, clofibrylglycylglycine was studied in intact and hyperlipidemic rats and guinea pigs.
[Localization of fluorescent analogs of cholesterol and its esters in lipid models of membranes and lipoproteins].
The localization of the fluorescent cholesterol analogue--delta 5,7,9(11)-cholestatrien-3 beta-ol (B-CTE) and its methyl (M-CTE) and stearoyl (St-CTE) esters in model lipid particles wereExpand
A convenient synthesis of 2-nitrophenols from 1,2-dichlorobenzenes
Aromatic nucleophilic substitution of 1,2-dichlorobenzenes 1 possessing a strong electron-withdrawing group in the 4-position with a nitrite ion give the corresponding 2-nitrophenols 5
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[The rate of elimination of heterologous native and modified high-density lipoproteins from rabbit blood plasma after their intravenous administration].
Native and modified horse LPHD (methylated, succinylated, with blocked Arg-residues and COOH-groups) were administered intravenously (400 mg by protein) into healthy rabbits and into animals withExpand
[The rate of elimination of homologous and heterologous native and modified high density lipoproteins from rabbit plasma after their intravenous administration].
Rates of catabolism of total fraction of human native high density lipoproteins (HDL) and their subfractions as well as horse and rabbit native and modified HDL were studied after intravenousExpand
[Fluorescent probe--a cholesterol analog: localization in plasma lipoproteins and in model lipid particles].
The absorption spectrum of fluorescent probe--a cholesterol analog cholesta-5,7, 9(11)-trien-3 beta-ol has a vibrational structure with the maximum 326 nm. Its fluorescence spectra maximum is 370 nm.Expand