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Back to the future: the story of Squeak, a practical Smalltalk written in itself
Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to. debug, analyze, and change. To achieve practical performance, a
The Smalltalk-76 programming system design and implementation
This paper describes a programming system based on the metaphor of communicating objects which provides flexibility, modularity and compactness, and a corresponding virtual memory is described which offers dense utilization of resident space.
Web browser as an application platform: the lively Kernel experience
This paper uses the Sun™ Labs Lively Kernel, a system that pushes the limits of the web browser by implementing a highly interactive web programming environment that runs in a web browser without installation or plug-in components.
Multiple Inheritance in Smalltalk-BO
This paper describes an implementation of multiple inheritance in Smalltalk, where a class may inherit from only one other class, and the properties of another class can be inherited.
A Simple Technique for Handling Multiple Polymorphism
A simple approach to multiply polymorphic expressions which preserves all the benefits of good object-oriented programming style in the face of any degree of polymorphism is described.
The Lively Kernel A Self-supporting System on a Web Page
The Lively Kernel is a complete platform for Web programming written in JavaScriptTM using graphics available in leading browsers and able to save its creations, and even clone itself, onto Web pages, and defines a new form of dynamic content on the Web.
Multilisp: a Language for Concurrent Symbolic Computation Acm Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
Computational reflection makes it easy to solve problems that are otherwise difficult to address in Smalltalk-80, such as the construction of monitors, distributed objects, and futures, and can allow
A type declaration and inference system for smalltalk
An experimental system for declaring and inferring type in Smalltalk is described, which provides the benefits of type declaration in regard to compile-time checking and documentation, while still retaining Smalltalk's flexibility.
Fabrik: A Visual Programming Environment
Each Fabrik component can be compiled into an object with access methods corresponding to each of the possible paths of data propagation, as with simple dataflow.
Design Principles Behind Smalltalk
A language of description that serves as an interface between the models in the human mind and those in computing hardware, and a language of interaction that matches the human communication system to that of the computer.