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Stability of the ground state of a harmonic oscillator in a monochromatic wave.
It is demonstrated that stability of the ground state may be substantially improved by increasing the resonance number, l, where l=Omega/omega+delta, Omega and omega are, respectively, the wave frequency and the oscillator frequency. Expand
Quantum weak chaos is studied in a perturbed degenerate system: a charged particle interacting with a monochromatic wave in a transverse magnetic field. The evolution operator for an arbitrary numberExpand
Localization of quantum states at the cyclotron resonance
Abstract Tunneling of a quantum particle to the classically inaccessible region in an intrinsically degenerate system is investigated here by means of quasienergy eignestates. The exact resonanceExpand
Quantum Chaos: A Harmonic Oscillator in Monochromatic Wave
A review on transition from regular dynamics to quantum chaos in a quantum degenerate system - a harmonic oscillator perturbed by a monochromatic wave. It explains how the transition to quantum chaosExpand
Quantum cyclotron resonance in a degenerate system. Quasienergetic states
We study the quantum dynamics of a charged particle rotating in a constant magnetic field and in the field of a monochromatic wave propagating perpendicular to the magnetic field under the conditionExpand