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2 On Communicative Competence
This paper is theoretical. One connotation of "theoretical" is "programatic"; a related connotation is that one knows too little about the subject to say something practical. Both connotations applyExpand
Foundations in Sociolinguistics: An Ethnographic Approach
Introduction TOWARD ETHNOGRAPHIES OF COMMUNICATION 1. Toward ethnographies of communication 2. Studying the interaction of language and social life THE STATUS OF LINGUISTICS AS A SCIENCE 3. WhyExpand
Ethnography, Linguistics, Narrative Inequality: Toward An Understanding Of Voice
Part 1 Ethnography: what is ethnography? education ethnology. Part 2 Linguistics: speech and language - on the origins and foundations of inequality among speakers report from an underdevelopedExpand
Directions in sociolinguistics;: The ethnography of communication
Preface. Introduction: John J. Gumperz. Plan of the Book. Part I: Ethnographic Description and Explanation. 1. Models of the Interaction of Language and Social Life: Dell Hymes. 2. Culture PatterningExpand