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Max-min d-cluster formation in wireless ad hoc networks
An ad hoc network may be logically represented as a set of clusters. The clusterheads form a d-hop dominating set. Each node is at most d hops from a clusterhead. Clusterheads form a virtual backboneExpand
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Comparing Prenatal Providers' Approaches to Four Different Risks: Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Domestic Violence
ABSTRACT Objective: We explored prenatal care providers' methods for addressing four behavioral risks in their pregnant patients: alcohol use, smoking, drug use, and domestic violence. Design: WeExpand
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Max-min d-cluster formation in wireless networks
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Broadcast scheduling in packet radio networks
  • Thai Vuong, D. Huynh
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  • Proceedings 7th International Conference on…
  • 12 October 1998
There are several graph theoretic models of packet radio networks. However, an NP-completeness result for a more general model does not necessarily imply the same result for a more restricted model.Expand
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Potential oscillations in formic acid oxidation in electrolyte mixtures: Efficiency and stability
Abstract Potential oscillations were used to probe effects on the oxidation of formic acid from varying the fractions of H 2 SO 4 and HClO 4 in the supporting electrolyte. Two types of experimentsExpand
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Synchronisation de mots de passe
L'invention porte sur un systeme, un procede et une structure de donnees permettant de synchroniser de maniere sure des mots de passe et/ou d'autres informations transmises entre des systemes. LesExpand
I/O performance analysis for network file servers
The paper presents a performance simulation analysis of different disk storage techniques in typical network file server environments, based on personal computers (PCs). One of the key issuesExpand
How on-line partial discharge testing can extend generator life
On-line partial discharge testing is a useful tool for assessing the condition of stator winding insulation - a key determinant of generator life. This condition-monitoring technique can giveExpand