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Too Close For Comfort? The Impact of Official Aid on Nongovernmental Organizations
Abstract In promoting a “New Policy Agenda,” bilateral and multilateral donor agencies are keen to finance nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and grassroots organizations (GROs) on the grounds ofExpand
African wildlife and livelihoods: the promise and performance of community conservation.
Part 1 Setting the scene: conservation and communities, William Adams and D. Hulme community conservation from concept to practice - a practical framework, Edmund Barrow and Marshall Murphree. Part 2Expand
Conceptualizing Chronic Poverty
Abstract This paper provides a meaning for the term chronic poverty “in a nutshell” and explores the concepts of poverty, vulnerability and poverty dynamics that underpin this meaning. Subsequently,Expand
Impact assessment methodologies for microfinance: Theory, experience and better practice
Abstract Microfinance programs and institutions are increasingly important in development strategies but knowledge about their impacts is partial and contested. This paper reviews the methodologicalExpand
Finance Against Poverty
Over the last decade, the theory that poverty in the world's poorest regions could be alleviated by providing small loans to micro-entrepreneurs has become increasingly popular. This volume examinesExpand
Governance, administration and development: making the state work
Development and Its Administration - Organizational Environments: Comparisons, Contrasts and Significance - The Policy Process: Political Decisions about Technical Matters - Bureaucracy: ObstructingExpand
NGOs, States and Donors Revisited: Still Too Close for Comfort?
Serious questions remain about the ability of NGOs to meet long-term transformative goals in their work for development and social justice. We investigate how, given their weak roots in civil societyExpand
If community conservation is the answer in Africa, what is the question?
Abstract Proponents of community conservation present it as a means of reconciling conservation and development objectives by ensuring that the interests of local people are taken into account inExpand
Just Give Money to the Poor: The Development Revolution from the Global South
Amid all the complicated economic theories about the causes and solutions to poverty, one idea is so basic it seems radical: just give money to the poor. Despite its sceptics, researchers have foundExpand
NGOs, States and Donors: Too Close for Comfort?
Foreword T.M. Shaw Preface David Hulme, M.Edwards and N.Banks PART 1: NGOs, STATES AND DONORS: AN OVERVIEW AND KEY ISSUES 1. NGOs, States and Donors: An Overview D.Hulme and M.Edwards 2. Donors,Expand