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Acting in Character
A good actor creates and communicates a consistent and compelling personality throughout a performance of a given role and creates different personalities for different roles. Expand
A Pragmatic Actor — The US Response to the Arab Uprisings
Abstract After the US had initially assessed the Arab uprisings as an opportunity and displayed a dual role understanding as an anchor of security and modest advocate of democracy, the second roleExpand
Democracy Assistance in the Middle East and North Africa: A Comparison of US and EU Policies
  • D. Huber
  • Political Science
  • 7 February 2008
This article compares US and EU efforts at democracy assistance in the Middle East and North Africa. Although the substantive content of what the US and the EU view as the type of democraticExpand
US and EU Human Rights and Democracy Promotion since the Arab Spring. Rethinking its Content, Targets and Instruments
  • D. Huber
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 2013
The momentous changes in the Middle East and North Africa have brought the issue of human rights and democracy promotion back to the forefront of international politics. The new engagement in theExpand
The Multilateralisation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Call for an EU Initiative
The “battleground” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is shifting from its local context, where it has been placed in the Oslo, Intifada and roadmap/Quartet periods, to its original dimension: theExpand
Democracy Promotion and Foreign Policy
Global Turkey in Europe: political, economic, and foreign policy dimensions of Turkey's evolving relationship with the EU
The EU is changing, Turkey too, and - above all - there is systemic change and crisis all round, ranging from economics, the spread of democratic norms and foreign policy. This research paperExpand
Arab Spring: The Role of the Peripheries
The emerging literature on the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ has largely focused on the evolution of the uprisings in cities and power centres. In order to reach a more diversified and in-depthExpand
The Missing Link: The Innovation Gap
The analysis aimed at revealing the specific location in the innovation process where innovation typically fails shows that significant parts of reality were likely not considered by those whoExpand