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Observation of a large-gap topological-insulator class with a single Dirac cone on the surface
Recent experiments and theories have suggested that strong spin–orbit coupling effects in certain band insulators can give rise to a new phase of quantum matter, the so-called topological insulator,
A topological Dirac insulator in a quantum spin Hall phase
The direct observation of massive Dirac particles in the bulk of Bi0.9Sb0.1 is reported, which suggests that the observed surface state on the boundary of the bulk insulator is a realization of the ‘topological metal’, which has potential application in developing next-generation quantum computing devices that may incorporate ‘light-like’ bulk carriers and spin-textured surface currents.
A tunable topological insulator in the spin helical Dirac transport regime
The results reveal a spin-momentum locked Dirac cone carrying a non-trivial Berry’s phase that is nearly 100 per cent spin-polarized, which exhibits a tunable topological fermion density in the vicinity of the Kramers point and can be driven to the long-sought topological spin transport regime.
Control over topological insulator photocurrents with light polarization.
It is shown that illuminating the topological insulator Bi(2)Se(3) with circularly polarized light generates a photocurrent that originates from topological helical Dirac fermions, and that reversing the helicity of the light reverses the direction of the photocurrent.
Topological surface states protected from backscattering by chiral spin texture
It is demonstrated that the chiral nature of these states protects the spin of the carriers, potentially useful for spin-based electronics, in which long spin coherence is critical, and also for quantum computing applications, where topological protection can enable fault-tolerant information processing.
Observation of unconventional quantum spin textures in topological insulators
A topologically ordered material is characterized by a rare quantum organization of electrons that evades the conventional spontaneously broken symmetry–based classification of condensed matter.
Evidence of an odd-parity hidden order in a spin–orbit coupled correlated iridate
A rare combination of strong spin–orbit coupling and electron–electron correlations makes the iridate Mott insulator Sr_2IrO_4 a promising host for novel electronic phases of matter. The resemblance
Observation of time-reversal-protected single-dirac-cone topological-insulator states in Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3.
It is directly shown that Bi2Te3 is a large spin-orbit-induced indirect bulk band gap semiconductor whose surface is characterized by a single topological spin-Dirac cone, and it is demonstrated that the dynamics of spin- Dirac fermions can be controlled through systematic Mn doping.
Observation of Unconventional Quantum Spin Textures in Topological Insulators
Using Mott polarimetry, it is demonstrated that topological quantum numbers are completely determined from spin texture–imaging measurements and the origin of its topological order and unusual chiral properties are identified.
Theoretical and experimental study of second harmonic generation from the surface of the topological insulator Bi2Se3
We develop a theoretical model that describes the second harmonic generation of light from the surface of the topological insulator Bi_2Se_3 and experimentally demonstrate that the technique is