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Redefine statistical significance
The default P-value threshold for statistical significance is proposed to be changed from 0.05 to 0.005 for claims of new discoveries in order to reduce uncertainty in the number of discoveries.
Reliability in Coding Open-Ended Data: Lessons Learned from HIV Behavioral Research
The text coding process applied to three HIV-related studies conducted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considering populations in the United States and Zimbabwe concludes that a team of coders will initially produce very different codings, but it is possible, through a process of codebook revision and recoding, to establish strong levels of intercoder reliability.
Friendship: Development, Ecology, and Evolution of a Relationship
List of Illustrations List of Boxes Acknowledgments Introduction: The Adaptive Significance of Friendship 1. An Outline of Friendship 2. Friendships across Cultures 3. Friendship and Kinship 4. Sex,
Nepali Concepts of Psychological Trauma: The Role of Idioms of Distress, Ethnopsychology and Ethnophysiology in Alleviating Suffering and Preventing Stigma
This medical anthropology study describes the process of identifying Nepali idioms of distress and local ethnopsychology and ethnophysiology models that promote effective communication about psychological trauma in a manner that minimizes stigma for service users.
When There Is More than One Answer Key: Cultural Theories of Postpartum Hemorrhage in Matlab, Bangladesh
Individuals can acquire cultural knowledge from many sources, including personal experience, informal learning, and schooling. Identifying these distinct source models and describing personal
Delayed onset of lactation and risk of ending full breast-feeding early in rural Guatemala.
It is concluded that some mothers who experience delayed OL are less likely to continue full breast-feeding in the first 6 mo and that further research should examine the contextual factors that modify this relationship.
Population differences in the relationship between height, weight, and adiposity: an application of Burton's model.
The study of human variation in adiposity and lean mass is important for understanding core processes in human evolution, and is increasingly a public health concern as the "obesity epidemic" expands