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‘Some are more equal than others’: economic egalitarianism and welfare chauvinism in the Netherlands
Various studies have demonstrated that while the lower educated support economic redistribution more than the higher educated do, they nonetheless dislike welfare support for immigrants moreExpand
Beyond the Spiritual Supermarket: The Social and Public Significance of New Age Spirituality
This article argues that New Age spirituality is substantially less unambiguously individualistic and more socially and publicly significant than today's sociological consensus acknowledges. Firstly,Expand
The Spiritual Turn and the Decline of Tradition: The Spread of Post‐Christian Spirituality in 14 Western Countries, 1981–2000
This article uses data from the World Values Survey to study the spread of post-Christian spirituality (“New Age”) in 14 Western countries (1981‐2000, N = 61,352). It demonstrates that this type ofExpand
Unknowing but supportive? Predispositions, knowledge, and support for hydrogen technology in the Netherlands
Abstract In most papers concerning the public evaluation of hydrogen technology it is found that the general public is generally supportive of hydrogen technology and the knowledge about hydrogen isExpand
A Cultural Globalization of Popular Music? American, Dutch, French, and German Popular Music Charts (1965 to 2006)
In this article, the authors address the question of whether and how the appreciation of popular music consumers has globalized in the four decades since the mid-1960s. They use information fromExpand
Things: Religion and the Question of Materiality
That relation has long been conceived in antagonistic terms, privileging spirit above matter, belief above ritual and objects, meaning above form, and "inward" contemplation above "outward" action.Expand
A Christian Cancellation of the Secularist Truce? Waning Christian Religiosity and Waxing Religious Deprivatization in the West
Analysis of International Social Survey Program (ISSP) data collected in 18 Western countries in 1998 demonstrates that Christian desires for a public role of religion are strongest in countriesExpand
Two of a Kind?An Empirical Investigation of Anti-Welfarism and Economic Egalitarianism
The literature on welfare state legitimacy generally views eco- nomic egalitarianism and support for the welfare state as closely related phenomena that can be measured by means of scales that areExpand
Rehabilitation and Repression Reassessing their Ideological Embeddedness
For over a century, scholars and practitioners have assumed rehabilitation stands as the progressive opposite of repression. Elaborating on previous warnings and anomalous findings, a representativeExpand
Although the subject of extreme right virtual community formation is often discussed, an online ‘sense of community’ among right-wing extremists has not been systematically analysed. It is arguedExpand